Year End Appeal

Thank you for being a seed saver.


By saving and sharing seeds, you are helping to support diversity, food security, and ecological balance on this planet. At RMSA, we are committed to inspiring and educating this ancient human practice once embraced by all. But despite the relatively recent reign of modern industrial agriculture, the connection between humans and seeds continues to prevail.


You are reading this because you also understand the vital importance of seed saving for the future of our lives, loved ones, community, and planet. There are many ways you can support our similar missions: become a Sustaining Member, make a donation, take one of our Seed or Grain courses, check out our merchandise, share our website with a friend, and most importantly, save and share seeds as a show of support.


Thank you for being a seed saver and supporting RMSA in your own ways!

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Membership Options

As a Donating Member you choose the amount you’re willing to contribute, as well as the frequency of your contributions. As a Sustaining Member you have the option to choose which membership level is right for you, and sign-up to contribute that amount monthly, or annually.

All memberships that contribute at least $5/month, or $60/year receive a code that entitles you to 20% off our education programs.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

These documents are a result of 9 months of focus, deep reflection, and collective contemplation by RMSA Staff and Board, guided by our Organizational Health Director, Joseluis Ortiz.  To him, and to those who offered feedback that inspired and furthered this process, we are eternally grateful. We have formally committed to embodying these principles and referencing them to ensure alignment before making decisions.
We invite you to join us on the journey of transformation.

Micro-Grant Program

Having a re-granting program has been a goal of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance since it’s inception in 2014. It began as the result of a donation made by Snake River Earth Arts (SREA). In April 2021 we received over 20 applications.
Please consider contributing to the Micro-Grant Fund to sustain re-granting to individuals, grassroot organizations, and seed activists.

Online Grain School

Join us for the first ever Online Grain School! This 8-week program will be hosted on Zoom starting September 30th for 8 weeks. Every Thursday from 2-4 Mountain Time (note: mountain daylight changes to mountain standard time during the course) participants will receive a teaching from grain gurus and engage in open discussion. Learn history, culture, growing methods, breeding systems, and the culinary uses of ancient and heritage grains.
We will also be offering in-person Grain Field Days in the month of August in locations in Colorado and Idaho in advance of the virtual course. More details forthcoming.

Seed Card

Legacy Seed Circle

Seed keeping is an inter-generational act that honors the many hands that have passed seeds down since time immemorial.  Offering a Legacy Gift will support seed education and seed biodiversity for generations to come.

Specialty Grain Collection

The Heritage Grain Trial Program has been growing out and circulating over 200 varieties of ancient, heritage, and landrace grains since 2015. With the dedicated support of a few Grain Trial Growers, we’ve scaled up the seed stock of rare, vigorous, and adaptable grains that we now offer for sale in our Specialty Grain Collection. The Specialty Grain Collection contains 20 different varieties of wheats, ryes, and barleys. All seed packets are printed in color and offer planting instructions.

Seed Card

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We believe in reciprocity and want to extend our reach to you and your organizations.

Thank you!

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