archived LIVE REGISTRATION product – Milling & Baking Bonanza


November 19th at 8:45am-3pm MT
This one of a kind online event will offer live demonstrations for milling and baking bread & pie crust with whole grains! We will also learn about the nutritional benefits of whole grains. The Milling & Baking Bonanza will be just what you need as you prepare for the holidays and this iconic baking season. Add a little more flavor and learn how to bake with heritage grains from the experts!



We are honored to collaborate with the following: Flordemayo from the Seed Temple, Paul Labeau of Mockmill, Monica Spiller of Whole Grain Connection, Don Guerra from Barrio Bread, Bill McDorman about Corn Tortillas, Wendy Achatz from Achatz Handmade Pies, & grainiac Steve Alston as they lend their expertise during the RMSA Baking Bonanza

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