Millet, Hell’s Canyon Foxtail


Setaria italica (synonym Panicum italicum L.) Spring

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Wiki: Foxtail millet, scientific name Setaria italica (synonym Panicum italicum L.), is an annual grass grown for human food. It is the second-most widely planted species of millet, and the most grown millet species in Asia. The oldest evidence of foxtail millet cultivation was found along the ancient course of the Yellow River in Cishan, China, carbon dated to be from around 8,000 years before present.[2][3] Foxtail millet has also been grown in India since antiquity.

Other names for the species include dwarf setaria,[4] foxtail bristle-grass,[5] giant setaria,[4] green foxtail,[4] Italian millet,[4] German millet,[4] and Hungarian millet.[4]


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