Black Emmer


Triticum monococcum (Triticum dicoccon var. atratum?) – Winter – “Knock your socks off” beauty.

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This is a winter growth-habit wheat with “knock your socks off” beauty. It will impress the most modern of cereal breeders with its totally erect leaf architecture. Its stems are stiff and lodging-resistant. Heavenly? It reached the amazing and very memorable height of 84 inches in grow-outs conducted by the Kusa Seed organization. It knows where it’s going and it will take you there, too. For this ancient wheat ancestor, you definitely want to bring a photographer onto your place. Its panicles have the exquisite lacy architectural appearance of wild grasses and when it begins to flower, the flower-parts are a light-show of brilliant gold trembling against pale russet florets. When the heads are finishing with their plump spikelets coloring-up to black, you will find early of a morning, beads of silver dew rolling like drops of molten solder down the obsidian walls of one of creation’s masterpieces. Hulled Black Winter Emmer thrives in drought or heavy rain. Fusarium resistant. Savored in soups, bulgar, breakfast cereal or flatbreads and pasta. Highly nutritous. 1 cup = 24g protein.



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