Basic Seed Saving

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Basic Seed Saving: Easy step by step instructions for 18 popular vegetables and 29 wildflowers!  by Bill McDorman  Organized so you start with the easiest seed saving vegetables first.  48 pages.  Clear, concise, complete.

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The goal of Basic Seed Saving is to empower modern gardeners to begin saving their own seeds. It is organized to help everyone start with the easiest-to-save vegetables. My hope is that you will gain confidence from what you learn and move on through the book to the more complex varieties and procedures. Too many times I have seen new seed saving students get lost or discouraged by a barrage of complex concepts at the beginning of a seed saving book or workshop.   Remember, detailed lessons in biology and genetics are only necessary for seed growers at the industrial and market breeder levels. Home gardeners can afford to be playful and make “mistakes.” In fact, many of the world’s favorite crops are the result of small farmers and gardeners playfully experimenting with the resulting surprises found in their own fields and backyards.  I tried to include everything you might need to be a great seed saver, nothing more, nothing less.

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