Top 20 Ancient/Heritage Grains

In 2019, RMSA launched an initiative titled, “20 to 20 in 2020”. This project investigated the 20 most promising ancient and heritage grain varieties from our trials program to measure performance for farm scale organic growing conditions with the goal of increasing available seed of these 20 unique varieties to a minimum of 20 pounds each in 2020. Data was collected on weed suppression, lodging, disease, and pest pressure as well as yield and height and environmental conditions at two sites – Glenns Ferry, Idaho and Paonia, Colorado. Lab analyses on moisture, protein, falling numbers, 1000 kernel weight, stalk nitrogen, gluten index and wet gluten along with pup loaf tests and were also conducted and will be released in a forthcoming Grain Manual. Stay tuned! Seeds for these promising grains are now available below. Download Here, a complete color guide pdf of all 20 grains.

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