Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance’s
Health and Justice Statement

As a seed saving organization, Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance honors land-based peoples, peoples of color, first nations tribes, and indigenous cultures for their multi-generational knowledge and investments in the practice of seed saving. We recognize their historical role in seed preservation and cultivation of land, water, seeds, and continued land-based ways of living and knowing. We benefit from this legacy and acknowledge their fundamental role in the seeds we steward.  

We acknowledge the following historical truths and the contemporary impacts settler colonialism, slavery, capitalism, and white supremacy have had on indigenous communities, land-based people, and peoples of color, including:

  • Loss of food and seed traditions through the displacement and forced relocation of tribes and communities from their homelands. 
  • Diminished abilities and opportunities to thrive, survive, and exist by violently erasing language, culture, and land connection through genocide, land theft, forced assimilation, miseducation, and through the intentional eradication of native knowledge and species of flora and fauna.
  • Diminished health and well-being by contaminating the spaces and places where indigenous, land-based, and peoples of color live, work, play, pray, and learn. This has been done through the extraction of natural resources and the transportation and storage of dangerous chemicals that pollute land, water, air, and bodies.

We acknowledge white supremacy, settler colonialism, slavery, and capitalism have shaped the world we live in and that we benefit from white privilege. We acknowledge our ethical duty and responsibility to dismantle these systems and practices. We are committed to integrating principles, values, and policies that are rooted in justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion into every aspect of our organization’s culture, programs, mission, vision, and fundraising efforts.

Native seed keepers, land-based farmers, and other peoples of color have called on Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance to be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.  We acknowledge we have failed to be inclusive of indigenous and land-based communities of color in creating and offering opportunities for engagement on the leadership, staff, and membership levels. 

Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance wants to be of service and reflective of the diverse community represented in this powerful movement to protect, cultivate, share, and preserve the biodiversity of seeds.  We commit to creating pathways in our organization for indigenous, land-based, and peoples of color to participate, make decisions, and lead in ways reflective of the values and principles held within their respective cultures and communities.

Moving forward we will take action that leads to increased solidarity and trust between indigenous, land-based peoples, peoples of color, non-native peoples, and other marginalized communities. This work is important for the survival of all beings.