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Grain Fulfillment on Hold…

We apologize for the inconvenience. We are moving our seed storage to another location which will prevent orders from being filled for a few weeks.

Thank you for your patience. Please check back for updates. *Updated March 2022

About the Heritage Grain Trials Program

We had over 190 volunteers in our Heritage Grain Trials Program growing and gathering data for 285 ancient and heritage grain varieties. In order to accelerate the distribution of this incredible diversity, we are making packets of seeds for our entire catalog available to everyone. We ask for a $5.95 per packet fee (donation) to cover organizing, packaging and shipping expenses. Those enrolled in the Heritage Grain Trials Program will still receive grain samples for free. (Email frances (at) rockymountainseeds.org, for the checkout CODE for HGTP program members). We subscribe to the ten-thousand-year-old tradition of sharing seeds with farmers and gardeners in need. Please ask if you need consideration. In return, we ask everyone to share back to RMSA, if and when they can, at least twice as much seed as they received initially. This allows the seed stock and diversity to grow. Together we can help build the foundation for new local grain economies.


Full Catalog of Ancient & Heritage Grains


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