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Sample Packets of Heritage and Ancient Grains

In order to accelerate our mission to help establish local grain economies in the Rocky Mountain West, we are making available sample packets of our most successful heritage and ancient grains.  These are the emerging winners from our Heritage Grain Tirals Program. They need to be grown more widely and their seed needs to be increased.  You can help.  We are charging a small fee to cover the expenses of getting these grains to you.  Most packets will contain at least 100 seeds, a common sample size for grains.  Since most of the grains are self-pollinating, this will be enough seed to avoid most inbred depression during seed increase.  As it becomes possible, we will make available larger quantities.  See individual listings for availability.

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Short Course, Heritage / Ancient Grains

To make your search more efficient for grains appropriate to your situation, use this handy guide to our grain categories developed for our Grain Schools.

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