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Garden-sized Packets of Rare Heritage and Ancient Grains

We now have more than 175 volunteers in our Heritage Grain Trials Program growing and gathering data for 223 heritage and ancient grains.   In order to accelerate our mission to help establish local grain economies in the Rocky Mountain West, we are making available to the public sample packets of our most successful varieties to date.  We call this our Specialty Grain Collection.  We want you to grow them, increase their seed and then share them widely.  We are charging a small fee (5.95 per pkt.) to cover the expenses of getting these grains packaged and sent to you.  Most packets will contain at least 100 seeds, a common sample size for grain trials.  Since most of the grains are self-pollinating, this will be enough seed to avoid most inbred depression during seed increase.  With your continued help we plan to make available many more varieties and larger quantities.  See individual listings for availability updates or email lee-ann (at) rockymountainseeds.org.

To order grains, simply click on the category headings under Specialty Grain Collection on the right hand side of this page.  This will take you to category descriptions and give you a path to individual descriptions and photos.  (If you want access to the more than 200 varieties listed in our ANCIENT/HERITAGE GRAINS, please join our Heritage Grain Trials Program.)

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(If you have questions or problems, contact bill (at) rockymountainseeds.org)

Short Course, Heritage / Ancient Grains

To make your search more efficient for grains appropriate to your situation, use this handy guide to our grain categories developed for our Grain Schools.