Million Seed Savers

Imagine this: Every community saving and sharing its own seeds. Local farmers markets brimming with a sumptuous variety of unique and delicious crops. Healthy, diverse regional food systems free of toxic pesticides and chemicals.

Does this sound like an impossible dream? In reality, it’s the way our ancestors lived, farmed, and sustained themselves for millennia. They understood the value of local heritage and kept this legacy alive by passing on their seeds to the next generations.

Today, people everywhere are relearning the timeless traditions of seed saving and creating resilient food systems rooted in local seeds. A seed saving revolution is underway and gaining momentum around the world.

We are watching this inspiring movement grow each day. What is needed now is to step up our collective efforts and rejoin the ancient ritual of seed saving on a broad scale. We’re dreaming big and setting a visionary goal of creating  one million new seed savers across the United States.

Collective Eye Films and Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance invite you to join us in this important and inspiring campaign by committing to grow and save at least one seed variety. You don’t have to be an experienced gardener to participate. Learning to save seeds is simpler than you might think! We’ll provide you with helpful resources to get started. All you need is a patch of soil (or garden pot), along with some passion and imagination.

What would it be like if we had one million NEW seed savers throughout the country?

Saving seeds is a universal human experience. All the world’s cultures have explored this intimate relationship between people and plants, giving rise to an incredible abundance of foods, medicines, songs, and stories. By severing this connection in our modern lives, we have tragically cut ourselves off from the source of our sustenance – both physically and spiritually. You can help restore this powerful experience and preserve our legacy of seed saving for future generations. Please join us in this work and help spread the word!

Here are more ways to get involved:

Watch the trailer for SEED: The Untold Story

Perhaps the best way to awaken your local community to the power and virtue of seed saving is to arrange a screening of SEED: The Untold Story. If you want to see this important film or bring it to your community, click here.

Join the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance

If you live in the Rocky Mountain area, join the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance. We believe the most effective way to save and share seeds is to share them first with those who live nearest to you. Our goal will be reached when the seeds for the Rocky Mountain West come from the Rocky Mountain West.

Become a Seed Steward and strengthen your community’s seed security

If you are an experienced (or aspiring) seed saver and are ready to share your seeds and knowledge with your community, join our Seed Stewards program.

Learn seed saving with RMSA’s Seed School programs

RMSA’s Seed School courses have trained hundreds of people in traditional seed saving practices. If you would like to dive deep into seed saving knowledge, consider attending one of our acclaimed seed education programs. We have a range of in person and online courses to suit all schedules, lifestyles, and interests!

Join the list of Million Seed Savers support organizations

If your organization would like to join the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance and Collective Eye Films to support the creation of a list of a million seed savers worldwide, please fill our our simple contact form. We will include you as the campaign develops. Thank you!