Micro Grant Application

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RMSA is pleased to offer Micro-Grant funding for seed saving, seed education, and seed activism projects & events. Up to $300 per project or event can be awarded.

UPDATE 6/30/2021 – THE MICRO-GRANT PROGRAM IS ON HOLD UNTIL WE RECEIVE FURTHER FUNDING. If you’d like to make a contribution directly to the Micro-Grant Fund, please click here.
Stay tuned for updates and stories from previous Micro-Grant Recipients!

Micro-Grant applications are reviewed on a monthly basis. Selected applicants will be contacted at the turn of the month. Any applicants that aren’t selected will be included in the selection review process for the following 2 months. You may apply for project or event funding once every 3 months.

To apply for an RMSA micro-grant, please complete the following questionnaire so we may gain a better understanding of your project and your needs. Individuals, sovereign entities, and/or community collectives are welcome to apply. You may use the online version of the application below and click on Submit, or download the pdf version and return via e-mail to: bill@RockyMountainSeeds.org, or mail application to: RMSA Micro Grant • P.O. Box 405 • Mancos, CO 81328.

RMSA encourages grant applicants not to ask for grant funding to buy seeds, but to use our resources to find seeds! RMSA has an extensive network of Seed Stewards, Seed Libraries and Seed Businesses to connect you with the seeds you need.  If you have questions please contact bill@rockymountainseeds.org.

Tell us a little about yourself and your interest in seeds, and/or environmental and social justice.
Please include information such as: project title, what you intend your project to accomplish, project location(s), when you plan to implement your project, length of the project lifespan, and why you feel your project is important/needed.
A simple budget with an expense list of items, wages, and etc. is sufficient.
How will your project impact/benefit your community and/or the planet?
How would you prefer to share your project’s progress with RMSA?
If selected, would you be willing to provide a short presentation (video or photos) about your project that RMSA could post on our Facebook Page and other social media?
What else would you like to share about yourself and your project?

Donate to the Micro Grant Fund

Thank you for your interest.  We will be in touch.  If you or anyone you know would like to contribute to the micro-grant fund and have questions, please contact jackee@RockyMountainSeeds.org.

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