Member Stories

The Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance has a membership as diverse and inspiring as the seeds they steward. From longtime gardeners to those just discovering their passion, we welcome everyone who has an interest in seeds to join us in creating a more resilient Rocky Mountain region.

Below are some of the stories and successes that RMSA members have shared with us. If you would like to become a part of this growing movement, click the button to sign up.

We’ve been busy here in San Luis Obispo, CA since I met you February in Corvallis. SLO Seed Exchange is successfully partnering with our county library system to provide seeds for check-out. Beans and big seeds went into your donated RMSA envelopes. Bill’s seed saving booklet goes to all our events. The latest was the state California Rare Fruit Growers annual conference last Saturday here in SLO.

Daniela Soleri contacted me for her Seed Library research project and I invited her to be our featured speaker in October. This will be our 8th annual community Seed Exchange! I’m hoping that interested seed savers connect with the brick & mortar libraries to supply seeds and help out the branch librarians. Very exciting times. This Seed Exchange will be a full collaboration with our county library in promotion and introductions at the event that will segue into a joyous feeding frenzy of seed swaps. Thanks for all you do!

Elizabeth Johnson, SLO Seed Exchange

San Luis Obispo, California

About three and a half years ago my life changed forever when I was burned in a chemical plant fire. After two weeks in a burn unit, I went home to recover and try to process what had happened. My wife brought me out to our garden one morning to sit in a chair and try to relax. For some reason colors never seemed more vivid as I watched gold finches landing on dandelion stems and eating the seeds. The morning dew on the grass and bees busy buzzing around the rows of green beans and tomatoes made me feel so blessed. Watching a sunrise or a sunset never seemed more beautiful that week. The trouble was the grass and the flowers and the sunrises and sunsets hadn’t change, I had. I often wondered why Am I still alive and for what purpose? Thinking, what kind of future do I want to leave my kids and future generations? The answer is as simple as the little things in life that we get so busy that we forget the beauty around us. Seeds are a miracle of life and a precious gift from God. I cant think of a better way to bless others than to share seeds with them. That is why I’m working on starting a seed library and want to teach others to save seeds.

Carney, Michigan

I manage the ABC Seed Library at the Albuquerque Public Library. Right now, we are mainly seen as a place to check out seeds, but I want to continue to raise awareness and provide education in seed saving. We are a new entity like so many seed libraries, and I am interested as a librarian in ways to make the seed library more of a catalyst and hub for seed savers and exchange.
Brita, ABC Seed Library

Albuquerque, New Mexico

I am a produce manager at a small grocery cooperative (Durango Natural Foods) and work with local agriculture through my position there. Sustainable local food economies and communities are some of my passions. Now, at 25, I live in Mancos and observe the seed saving/local agriculture scene here and give it all my support. I want to build on my knowledge and passions in these beautiful ways.

Mancos, Colorado

The first time I became aware of saving seeds, I was at an event in Austria. Vandana Shiva spoke and it was just after Percy Schmeiser from Canada was sued by Monsanto. It was an upheaval in this Austrian stadium and the meeting of farmers in their full folkloric attire was a true attest to bio-cultural diversity, from soil to people.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

I’ve been a home gardener for 23 years. Our garden has gradually increased to nearly 1/4 acre. Over the years I dabbled in seed saving, made lots of mistakes, and learned some along the way too. Going to the Seed School in Missoula was huge in my life and has challenged me to be more purposeful and organized in my efforts, as well as in teaching other people in our area.

Helmville, Montana

I live in Middleton, Idaho (near Boise), and I am a Canyon County Advanced Master Gardener. I work with our local Boy Scout troop to raise vegetable, herb, and flower plants to sell each spring, as well as being an enthusiastic vegetable gardener. I am very interested in learning more about saving seeds.

Middleton, Idaho