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Jul 3, 2017

LAST DAY to Join RMSA as a Supporting Member for $5/month and get access to Seed School Online for free!

Greetings seedy friends!

I’m Greg Peterson of the Urban Farm U educational network. My life changed forever in 2011 when I attended Seed School and Bill McDorman challenged me with a question: What are you doing that will make a difference in the world 100 years from now?

This provocative idea has propelled me forward in my path of seed discovery. Many new dimensions have been added to my life and business, including becoming a devout seed saver myself. (This morning I collected 4 ounces of parsley seed outside my back door—from seeds in their fifth year of growing in my yard!)

I feel blessed to be working with the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance, putting in place local seed systems that are changing the world for the better. Join me today in supporting RMSA and making a difference that will be felt a century from now!

We need your help to keep the seed saving movement alive and thriving in the Rocky Mountain West. And along with your committed support, we want to support you in your seed saving efforts.

If you sign up as a RMSA Perennial Member for $5/month before July 14th, we will send you access to Seed School Online for FREE! Take advantage of this special offer ($97 value) and dive deeper into your seed saving journey with our acclaimed webinar course.

A longtime ally of the food and seed movements, Greg Peterson has been dedicated to building a more sustainable food system for over 20 years. Through his Urban Farm U educational organization, he teaches permaculture and regenerative living practices to students around the world.

We are proud to partner with Greg and Urban Farm U on our Seed School Online course and in our semi-annual Great American Seed Up events in Phoenix, Arizona—which are soon to become a “franchise” that can be replicated anywhere! (Look out for the next Seed Up on September 22nd and 23rd.)

Greg with chickens in the background

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