Grain School A Great Success!

Locally grown and milled grains are the missing component in many regional food systems.

To inspire a revival of localized grain economies across the Rocky Mountain West, RMSA teamed up with the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) for a powerful educational course focused on changing this paradigm. Grain School trained and empowered people to once again grow, mill, bake, brew and steward heritage grains in their communities.

The innovative curriculum covered a range of topics including the history of land-race grains, crop breeding, nutritional and health issues with gluten and glyphosate, baking and fermentation, small craft brewing and small-scale production techniques. The course was taught by RMSA's Bill McDorman alongside Margaret Harris, PhD MS HC, UCCS Department of Health Sciences, Janel Owens, PhD, UCCS Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Lee DeHaan, Lead Scientist, Intermediate Wheatgrass Program, The Land Institute, Michael Brownlee, Author, Co-Founder Local Food Shift, Ben Butler, Hayden Flour Mills, Phoenix AZ, Jacob Cowgill, Prairie Heritage Farm, Power, MT and other special guests and experts in local grain farming, milling, and baking.  Grain School will be held January 12-14, 2018 at the UCCS campus in Colorado Springs.

Look for registration for next year's course soon.  In the meantime, help us find, test, trial and increase the seeds for ancient and heritage grains adapted to your specific growing conditions in the Mountain West.  Join 30 other farmers and gardeners enrolled in our Heritage Grain Trials program.


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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening seed and food security in our region.

Our mission is to assure a diverse and abundant supply of seeds for the Rocky Mountain West through networking, education and helping establish community-based models of seed stewardship.



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