Black and Tan Naked Einkorn

Black and Tan Naked Einkorn

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AFRPUAfrican PurpleTriticum aestivum
AKMOLAkmolinkaTriticum turgidumSpring
ALAWIAlaskan WinterTriticum aestivum L. subsp. aestivumWinter
ARMBLArmenian BlackTritucum turgidum spp. carthlicum
ARMBDArmenian BlondTritucum turgidum spp. carthlicumWinter? Spring
ARMBNArmenian BrownTritucum turgidum spp. carthlicumWinter? Spring
BAAEABaart EarlyTriticum aestivum L. ssp. vulgareSpring
BANATBanatkaTriticum aestivumWinter
BISHOPBishop WhiteTriticum aestivum
BLAEABlack Eagle WheatTriticum aestivumSpring
BOLERBoleroTriticum aestivumSpring
BRAZILBrazilian LavrasTriticum aestivumWinter
CAUCACaucasus RougeTriticum aestivum var. ferrugineumWinter
CHIDDChiddam BlancTriticum aestivumSpring
CLUBMClub (MT)Triticum aesitivum ssp compactumSpring
CLUBPClub (Pima)Triticum aesitivum ssp compactumSpring (or winter with mild climates?)
DALALDala LantreteTriticum aestivum
DEFIADefianceTriticum aestivum
DIKWHDikaTriticum turgidum ssp carthlicumSpring
DURBLDurum, BlueTriticum turgidum ssp. durumSpring
DURBBBlue Beard DurumTriticum turgidum ssp. durumSpring
DURIRIraq DurumTriticum turgidumSpring
DURJADurum, JaljuliTriticum turgidum ssp. durumSpring
EZEEREzeer (growout in progress)Triticum aestivum x Triticum thinopyrumWinter
DURPEPelissierTriticum turgidum ssp. durum
EGYPTEgyptian WinterTriticum aestivumWinter
EINWIEinkorn, WhiteTriticum monococcumSpring (and some Winter)
EINWDEinkorn, White (de-hulled/cleaned)Triticum monococcumSpring (and some Winter)
EINAAEinkorn, Austrian AlpineTriticum monococcumSpring (and Winter?)
EINBAEinkorn, BalkanTriticum monococcumSpring (and Winter?)
EINBLEinkorn, BlackTriticum monococcumSpring (and Winter?)
EINBTBlack and Tan EinkornTriticum monococcum
EINBDBle Du Arcour (Hulless)Triticum monococcumSpring
EINHUEinkorn, HuntonTriticum monococcum
EINPEEinkorn, PelitiTriticum monococcum
EMMEREmmerTriticum turgidum ssp. dicoccumSpring (and winter)
EMMBLBlack EmmerTriticum monococcum (Triticum dicoccon var. atratum?)Winter
ETHBLEthiopian Blue Tinge EmmerTriticum turgidum ssp. dicoccumSpring
EMMFREmmer, Free ThreshingTriticum turgidum ssp. dicoccum
EMMREEmmer, RedTriticum turgidum ssp. dicoccum
EMMSVEmmer, SvartTriticum turgidum ssp. dicoccum
EMMTAEmmer, TapiozdeTriticum turgidum ssp. dicoccum
EMMTOEmmer, ToulouseTriticum turgidum ssp. dicoccum
EMMWIEmmer, WildTriticum turgidum ssp. dicoccoides
ETHPUEthiopian Purple WheatTriticum aesitivum
FARKPFarroTriticum aesitivumSpring
FRASSFrassantino ItalianTriticum aesitivumSpring
FRENCFrench Bread WheatTriticum aesitivumSpring
GEORGGeorgian Triticum aesitivum
GHIRKGhirka 1517 AwnlessTriticum aestivum L. ssp. vulgareSpring
GLOBEGlobe 1506Triticum aesitivum ssp sphaerococcumSpring
HOURAHourani DurumTriticum turgidum ssp. durumSpring
HURONHuronTriticum aesitivumSpring
INGALLIngallTriticum aesitivumSpring
JACOBJacoby BorstveteTriticum aestivumWinter
JAMMUJammuTriticum aestivum
JAPHEJaphet (awnless)Triticum aestivum L. ssp. vulgareSpring
JENNAJennah Rhetifa AP 2Triticum aesitivum
KHORAKhorasanTriticum turgidum ssp. turanicumSpring
LADAKLadakhi LandraceTriticum aesitivum
LADOGLadogaTriticum aesitivumSpring
LARGOLargoTriticum aestivumSpring (or winter with mild climates?)
LOFTHLofthouseTriticum aesitivumWinter
MACHAMacha CompositeTriticum aesitivum
MARQUMarquisTriticum aesitivumSpring (or winter with mild climates)
MAURIMauri Black-AwnedTriticum turgidumSpring (or winter with mild climates)
MEDITMediterraneanTriticum aestivumWinter
MILAGMilagreTriticum turgidum ssp polonicumSpring
MIRABMirabellaTriticum turgidum ssp polonicumSpring
OAECWOAEC Evolutionary Wheat MixMixed TriticumSpring (or winter with mild climates)
PACIFPacific Bluestem (awnless)Triticum aestivum L. ssp. vulgareSpring
PELOWPelow Colorado (Oaxaca)Triticum aestivum
PERLIPerennialTriticum thinopyrum (agropyron)
REDBORed Bobs (awnless)Triticum aestivum L. ssp. vulgareSpring
REDFIRed FifeTriticum aestivum L. ssp. vulgareSpring
RMSAHRMSA (R)Evolutionary Heritage Wheat Breeding MixMixed TriticumSpring
RMSAARMSA (R)Evolutionary Ancient Wheat Breeding MixMixed TriticumSpring
ROUGERouge de BordeauxTriticum aesitivumSpring (or winter with mild climates)
RUSAKRusakTriticum turgidum ssp carthlicum
SINELSin El PheelTriticum turgidum ssp polonicumSpring
SKAGISkagit 1109Triticum aestivum
SOLINSolinaTriticum aestivum L. ssp. vulgareWinter
WHITEWhite SonoranTriticum aestivumSpring
SPRDISpring DinkelTriticum aestivum ssp speltaSpring
SPEFRSpelt (Free Threshing)Triticum aestivum ssp spelta
SPEGOSpelt, GoldkornTriticum aestivum ssp speltaWinter
SPELESpelt, LentzTriticum aestivum ssp spelta
SPESWSpeltTriticum aestivum ssp speltaWinter
TEREMTeremokTriticum aestivum L. ssp. compactumSpring
TERMITerminilloTriticum aestivumWinter
TIBWHTibetanTriticum aestivum ssp. tibetanum
TIMILTimiliaTriticum turgidum ssp. durumSpring
TIOMPTiompheevii Wheat (Zanduri)Triticum timopheeviiWinter
TSCBLTschermak's BlueTriticum aestivumSpring
TURRETurkey RedTriticum aestivumWinter
UKRAIUkrainka WheatTriticum aestivumWinter
UNTERUnterengadinTriticum aestivumWinter
UTRECUtrecht BlueTriticum dicoccum var. atratum
VAVILVavilov WheatTriticum aestivum ssp. vaviloviiSpring
XINCHXinchan Rice (Wheat)T. aestivum and T. polonicumSpring
ZHUKOZhukovskyT. monococcum and T. tiompheeviiSpring

Upland Rice

AMAURAmauraOryza sativaSpring
BLUBOBlue BonnetOryza sativaSpring
DUBORDuborskianOryza sativaSpring
KRMERKrmeOryza sativaSpring
LOTRILotoOryza sativaSpring
NIGRENigrescensOryza sativaSpring
PURJOPurple JomonOryza sativaSpring
VIALOVialoneOryza sativaSpring
ZERAWZerawchanicaOryza sativaSpring


CACHECache Valley RyeSecale cerealeWinter (or early spring w/ irrigation)
COMRYCommon RyeSecale cerealeWinter
JUSSOJussoSecale cereale
KOCHFKochfieldSecale cerealeSpring and winter
MOUNTMountaineer Perennial RyeSecale cereale ssp montanumWinter or early spring
PETKUPetkus SpringSecale cerealeSpring
REBELRebelSecale cerealeSpring (and winter)
SANGRSangasteSecale cereale
SWIMOSwiss MountainSecale cereale
ULIHAUli Hache RyeSecale cerealeSpring (and Winter?)

Hulless Barley

ANDIEAndieHordeum vulgare6row
ANPARAnpetu ArizonaHordeum vulgare6 row
ARABIArabian BlueHordeum vulgare6 row
AUSBAAustralian Bald (new addition!)Hordeum vulgare
BEVBABevan's BarleyHordeum vulgare6 row
BLAQUBlackHordeum vulgare6row
BLABABlackHordeum vulgare
BLACLBlack CI 222Hordeum vulgare2 row
BURBABurbankHordeum vulgare6 row
BURBLBlack BurbankHordeum vulgare6 row
BURPUBurbank PurpleHordeum vulgare6 row
CALENCalengatchHordeum vulgare6 row
CHANGChangjiHordeum vulgare6 row
CHILGChilga ArpaHordeum vulgare6row (long awns on middle row only)
CLAUSClausonHordeum vulgare2 row
CI103CI-1038Hordeum vulgare2 row (long awns)
DOLMADolmaHordeum vulgare6 row
ERBNAErbe NacktgersteHordeum vulgare6-row
ETHIOEthiopianHordeum vulgare2-row
ETHPOEthiopian PoppingHordeum vulgare
EXCELExcelsiorHordeum vulgare6 row
FAUSTFaustHordeum vulgare
FRINIFriday NightHordeum vulgare
GANGLGangleHordeum vulgare6 row
GEOBAGeorgianHordeum vulgare
GOLGRGold Grex (Evan)Hordeum vulgare2 row
GUJARGujar KhanHordeum vulgareSpring; 6-row
HAYBAHaysHordeum vulgare
HIMALHimalyanHordeum vulgare trifurcatum
ITALIItalianHordeum vulgare
JETBAJetHordeum vulgare2row(black seed+heads
JUNIOJuniorHordeum vulgare6 row
KAMAMKamamugiHordeum vulgare6 row (heads vertically dense)
KARMAKarma TibetanHordeum vulgare
LEONELeonessaHordeum vulgare2 row
MILANMilanHordeum vulgare2 row
NEBAWNebawaHordeum vulgare6 row
PURBAPurpleHordeum vulgare
PURDOPurple DolmaHordeum vulgare6 row
QUEENQueen of ShebaHordeum vulgare6 row
QUETZQuetzaltenangoHordeum vulgare2 row
RMSABRMSA (R)Evolutionary Barley Breeding MixHordeum vulgare2 and 6 row
SANGASangatsugaHordeum vulgare6 row
SHE06Sheba 2006Hordeum vulgare6 row
SHE10Sheba 2010Hordeum vulgare6 row
SHE17Sheba 2017Hordeum vulgare6 row
SUMIRSumire MochiHordeum vulgare6 row
SUNSHSunshineHordeum vulgare6 row
SWEDISwedishHordeum vulgare2 row
TAKMATakmachikHordeum vulgare
THUALThualHordeum vulgare6 row
TIBBLTibetan BlackHordeum vulgare
TIBKATibetan KarmaHordeum vulgare
TIBP2Tibetan Purple (2 row)Hordeum vulgare2 row
TIBP6Tibetan PurpleHordeum vulgare6 row
TIBRITibetan RinpocheHordeum vulgare
WEIHEWeihenstephaner Schwarze nachtHordeum vulgare
ZWERGZwerggersteHordeum vulgare6 row dwarf

Hull Barley

ALBBAAlbaHordeum vulgareWinter; 6row
BERBABereHordeum vulgareSpring 6-row
FULPIFull PintHordeum vulgare2-row; malting
HARMAHarrington MaltingHordeum vulgare2-row
HORDEHordeum vulgare spp. Spontaneum (wild barley)Hordeum vulgare ssp. spontaneum

Hulless Oats

ACBATA C BatonAvena nudalarge seed
ALASKAlaskanAvena nuda
AMBERAmbersAvena nuda
ARIZOArizona WildAvena nuda
BRIGHBrightonAvena nuda
BUFOABuffAvena nuda
CAESACaesarAvena nuda
CI181CI 1813Avena nuda
CI213CI 2139Avena nuda
FOWLDFowldsAvena nuda
HEIDIHeidigoldAvena nuda
HULLEHullessAvena nuda
LAURELaurelAvena nuda
LINCOLincolnAvenu nuda
LIBERLibertyAvena nuda
MOTHEMother (Mass Composite from Thumbs Collection (30 varieties) - Mother Oats)Avena nuda
MOZARMozartAvena nudaLate planting
NUPRINuprimaAvena nuda
NUSSONussoAvena nudaSwitzerland
PENNUPennudaAvena nuda
PERENPerennialAvena nuda
PROVEProveraAvena nuda
READEReaderAvena nuda
RHIANRhiannonAvena nuda
SHADEShadelandAvena nuda
SOUTHSouth dakotaAvena nuda
SPOKASpokaneAvena nudaclean threshing
STREAStreakerAvena nuda
TERRATerraAvena nuda
TESUQTesuqueAvena nudaTesuque, NM
TORCHTorch RiverAvena nuda
AVEMAAvena Macrostachya (wild oats)Avena Macrostachya


FLOREFlorian Red FlintZea MaysSpring
GLASSGlass GemZea MaysSpring
HARGRHarmony Grain CornZea MaysSpring
LOFASLofthouse Astronomy Sweet CornZea MaysSpring
MILCOMillenium CornZea MaysSpring
WYLIEWylie's Oaxacan FlourZea MaysSpring
RIOGRRio Grande BlueZea MaysSpring
PAINTPainted MountainZea MaysSpring


ANARAAnaranjadoAmaranthus hypochondriacusSpring
BRONZBronzeAmaranthus hypochondriacus
ELEPHElephant HeadAmaranthus hypochondriacusSpring
FERCIFercitaAmaranthus hypochondriacus
GUARIGuarijioAmaranthus hypochondriacusSpring
HOPIDHopidahoAmaranthus hypochondriacus
HOPREHopi Red DyeAmaranthus hypochondriacusSpring
MOUPIMountain PimaAmaranthus hypochondriacusSpring
OPOPEOpopeoAmaranthus hypochondriacusSpring
RIVERRiver Farm RedAmaranthus hypochondriacusSpring
SHINYShiny BlackAmaranthus hypochondriacusSpring
VIETNVietnamese RedAmaranthus hypochondriacusSpring


BUCCOBuckwheat, CommonFagopyrum esculentumSpring
BUCGBBuckwheat, GBU-7250Fagopyrum esculentumSpring
BUCMABuckwheat, MadawaskaFagopyrum tartaricumSpring
BUCMEBuckwheat, MediteranneanFagopyrum esculentumSpring
BUCTRBuckwheat, Takane RubyFagopyrum esculentum
BUCTOBuckwheat, TokyoFagopyrum esculentumSpring


MILHEMillet, Hell's Canyon FoxtailSetaria italica (synonym Panicum italicum L.)Spring
INDIAIndian BlueCenchrus americanus (synonym Pennisetum glaucum)
MILPUMillet, Purple Majesty PearlCenchrus americanus (synonym Pennisetum glaucum)Spring
SORAFSorghum, African blackSorghum bicolor
SORBLSorghum, BlackSorghum bicolor
SORBASorghum "Broomcorn," Black AmishSorghum bicolor
SORBMSorghum, Broomcorn MixSorghum bicolor
SORBDSorghum, Brown DuraSorghum bicolor
SORLASorghum, LandraceSorghum bicolor
SORMASorghum, MASA BlendSorghum bicolor
SORTESorghum, Tepehuano (popping)Sorghum bicolor


TEFBRTeff, BrownEragrostis tefSpring
TEFIVTeff, Ivory MaskalEragrostis tefSpring
TEFWITeff, White (A.L.)Eragrostis tefSpring


BLAQUBlackHordeum vulgare6row
FARROFarroChenopodium quinoaSpring
HIGDEHigh DesertChenopodium quinoaSpring
MULTIMulti-HuedChenopodium quinoaSpring
ORODEOro de ValleChenopodium quinoaSpring
REDHERed HeadChenopodium quinoaSpring
RIMRORim Rock Ranches JesseChenopodium quinoaSpring
TOOLETooley FarroChenopodium quinoaSpring
WARMWWarm WeatherChenopodium quinoa


ANPE2Barley, Anpetu 2 rowHordeum vulgare2 row
DOLMADolmaHordeum vulgare6 row
ANPEFBarley, Friday NightHordeum vulgare6 row
ANPE6Barley, Unknown 6-rowHordeum vulgare6 row

Additional Alternative Grains

CHIACChia Salvia hispanicaSpring
CHIAWChia, White Salvia hispanica
CLODEClover, Desert Grassland ?
FLAANFlax, AnnualLinum usitatissimum - L.
FLAGOFlax, GoldenLinum perenneSpring
FLAPEFlax, PerennialLinum lewisiiPerennial
GARBAGarbanzo LandraceCicer arietinum
KERNZKernzaThinopyrum intermediumPerennial
SACATSacaton, GiantSporobolus wrightii

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