Grown With Local Seeds Stickers

Local food begins with local seeds.

Locally grown seeds capture the essence of a place and its people, adapting to their unique environmental, cultural, and culinary character. Passed down over generations, our heirloom seeds become beloved treasures imbued with stories and traditions. They thrive in our soil, growing hardier and more flavorful with each season. Saved and shared within a community, they serve as a bulwark of resilience and commonly held wealth in a precarious world. Our seeds are ourselves.

While many people today realize the importance of relocalizing our food supply for personal health, ecological health and economic prosperity, there’s typically a disconnect at the level of seed. Try this experiment: next time you are browsing your weekend farmers’ market, ask the vendors where they source their seeds. Chances are they will name a company from hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away. These companies, in turn, often source their stock from distant growers, sometimes as far afield as China. Certified organic seeds, now offered in popular U.S. seed catalogs, can even come protected with utility patents, the most restrictive form of intellectual property rights found globally.  Now ask yourself—is this what truly local food looks like?

Grow local!

At the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance, we imagine a different food paradigm, one firmly rooted in local seeds with our region’s farmers and gardeners growing, saving, and sharing seeds stewarded alongside the crops they tend. This is the vision behind the Grown with Local Seeds campaign. In order to make this vision a reality, we need to raise public awareness about the vital link between local seeds and local food.

We encourage small farmers to source locally or regionally grown seed whenever possible and proudly label their products with a “Grown with Local Seeds” sticker, available here. This exciting campaign is the next stage in the local food movement – a powerful statement and an inspiring commitment to creating a truly local, regenerative, and delicious food system.

To find local/regional seed sources near you, search RMSA’s directories of local seed companies, seed libraries, and Seed Stewards. If you are having trouble identifying a source, please contact us.

For those outside the Rocky Mountain region who would like to participate in this campaign – we welcome you!  Below is a partial list of other regional seed organizations and businesses you may explore for sourcing local seeds.