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      Tom Panas

      I grow wheat

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      Renee Fourie

      I am not growing any grains as of yet, but I am starting my seasonal veggie garden and have quite a few deciduous trees/bushes.

      I just acquired a Fukushu Kumquat and it is gorgeous!

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      I grew a little bit of Einkorn this year and saved seed.
      I would like to try both Emmer and Barley.

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      I am getting ready to plant garlic and winter grains!

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      Jen deHaan

      We are about to put in garlic as well! I do mostly porcelains, but also have French and Saltspring Giant (like elephant garlic). For the winter I have a selection of radish, perennial kale, perennial nine star broccoli, chard, lettuces, evergreen onions, wintering bulb onion, overwintering shallots, carrots, kholrabi, cauliflower, and a couple cabbage types. We’re just getting our first frosts early this year and everything looks so sad. Major cleanup duty right now along with processing mayhem.


      Editing to add – I just tried our chimayo pepper powder on popcorn and *oh my goodness so good*. The chimayos were amazing this year – did better than every other pepper in our climate, which was a happy surprise. Just finished processing them yesterday.

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      Jen deHaan

      Also wanted to add a special shout out to Homs Kousa squash. It’s a Syrian variety from EFN, helping the seeds live on until they can be rematriated. They grew absolutely outstanding in the temperate rainforest this summer, vastly outperforming zucchini. I will grow this squash and save seed every year I reckon based on how well it did, how wonderful they are to cook with, and how well and long they store as summer squash. They were so bountiful I missed bagging many flowers that grew into squash to eat, but still have a large number of isolated flowers to save seed from too (can’t wait to weigh some of the huge squash!). Vines, flowers, and fruit grew right up until the weather turned toward frost.

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      Yvette Henson

      I’ve grown a red soba buckwheat for making flour- only two years. I am gluten intolerant.

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