Reply To: Adopt A Grain Project

Renee Fourie

Week 4 – Khorasan

Many ancient and heritage grains are low in gluten allergens. Why do you think this is the case? Research and see if your chosen grain holds promise for the gluten-intolerant, and any other nutritional positives or negatives you discover.

Khorasan is one of the older cultivated varieties of grains (12,000 years) and its uniqueness had been preserved when the variety was nearly lost for a few hundred years. While it was ‘hidden’ from society, a fringe benefit was that the grain was unaltered during those years by not being subjected to mingling or pesticide damage. In my research, khorasan actually has a higher amount of gluten than regular what so no, it is not for the gluten-intolerant. However, the type of gluten in khorasan is easier to digest than the gluten found in modern wheat.