Reply To: Adopt A Grain Project

Bev Sturgis

Week 3 – Black Milo

Sorghum bicolor is an important food crop in Africa, Central America, and South Asia. It is the 5th most important cereal crop grown in the world. This species is thought to have been domesticated in northern Africa and independently in China and Sudan. There were centuries of disruptive selection and isolation which helps explain the varied types of sorghum used for grain, syrup, broom-making, hay, and pasture.

There are many other species of sorghum found in Australia, Africa, India, Madagasar, Thailand, Myanmar, islands of the Indian Ocean, and elsewhere.

On a more personal note, my grandfather grew up on a Texas ranch. There was a sorghum pressing operation nearby and his family got all their sweeteners from that place. My mother says my grandfather grew tired of sorghum sweeteners and would never use it again once he became an adult.