Reply To: Adopt A Grain Project

Nathan Sieler

Week 3 – JonesFifeWheat


From Bulletin 1074 – Jones Fife was created by A.N. Jones in Newark, N.Y. in 1889.  It is a descendant of Fultz, Mediterranean, and Russian Velvet varieties. By 1919, 215,900 acres of it were being grown in Eastern WA, where I currently live. It was the 4th most popular variety in the state, behind Baart, Marquis and Gold Coin.  One of its synonyms is “Burbank Super”, after the famous plant breeder, Luther Burbank.  In Burbank’s 1917 catalog, he listed it (or an identical grain) under the title “The New Burbank Wheat” and claimed it was the best performer out of the 68 other wheats he had tested.  “the growth is strong, 4ft on good ordinary soil, tillers unusually well, and on ordinary valley soil, without special cultivation, care or fertilizing.”  According to the 1074 bulletin, is performed poorly outside the pacific region.  However, in Montana, it has another synonym, known as Crail Fife after local Bozeman farmer Frank Crail who grew and distributed it under that name and had good success with it.  It seems possible that “Burbank Super” is a similar but different variety that is less cold hardy than “Crail Fife”