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Renee Fourie

Week 2 – Khorasan

What is the Latin name? Triticum turgidum ssp. turanicum; Triticum turanicum
What is the chromosomal count? 2x = 4n = 28 chromosomes (Tetraploid)
What are the ideal growing conditions? A temperate continental climate, cooler nights, low humidity and precipitation rates, and a sunny warm summer, and soil high in selenium
How is it pollinated? Self-fertilized
What is the breeding system? Self-fertilized
Any specific characteristics of the grain you have chosen. Compared to the common wheat (hexaploid), khorasan wheat is a tetraploid with fewer chromosomes and grains double in size, more drought-tolerant, tastier, and loaded with nutrition. Kamut is trademarked and sold in the US to ensure that the production/sale adheres to particular guidelines:

1. Be the pure ancient khorasan variety of wheat
2. Be grown only as a certified organic grain
3. Have a protein range of 12% – 18%.
4. Be 99% free of contaminating varieties of modern wheat
5. Be 98% free of all signs of disease
6. Contain 400 to 1000 ppb selenium
7. Not be used in products that are named or marketed in a misleading or deceptive manner

Reference Kamut International

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