Reply To: Adopt A Grain Project

Nathan Sieler

Week 2 – JonesFifeWheat


Latin name – I believe that it shares the latin name of other wheats, Triticum aestivum

Chromosomal count – Wheat has a chromosomal count of 42

Ideal growing conditions – From interpreting the 1922 USDA Bulletin, Classification of American Wheat Varieties, it would appear that it likes mildly cold winters with moderate amounts of precipitation and dry summers.  I am assuming this based on the location that is most grown.   The bulletin says “plant winter habit” which I believe means that it is a fall planted winter wheat

Pollination – self-pollinated

Breeding characteristics – it apparently is a cross made by A.N. Jones of Newark, New York that comes from “Fultz, Mediterranean and Russian Velvet”

Other characteristics– it is sold by Great Lakes Staple Seeds who markets it as a Soft Red Winter Wheat