Reply To: Adopt A Grain Project

Ashley Overstreet

Week 1

I selected Red Fife wheat because I grew it this year and will be baking with it soon. This is my second round of growing/baking with it, but the first time was more of a novelty. I’d never grown grains and wanted to see if I could, how it compared to vegetable growing, whether I could grow enough for a loaf of bread, etc.

I read that Red Fife was the “industry standard” wheat until the early 1900s and then it dropped off fairly quickly. The data in the USDA Classification of Wheat Varieties for 1939 seems to back up that decline, “The area of Red Fife decreased from 749,600 acres in 1919 to 3,884 acres in 1939” (pg. 75). I don’t see Colorado (where I live) as one of the states where it was grown in the bulletins, but I’ve heard there are a couple of farmers in my county growing it now.

Below is a photo of Red Fife growing in my raised bed garden over the summer.