Reply To: Adopt A Grain Project

Randy Olivier

Clark's Cream - Germination Test - Day 3
Clark’s Cream Hard White Winter Wheat – 3 full days of germination.  While I had to examine a couple of the grains closely, I discovered that 60 out of 60 of the grains that I had inserted into the germination test did, in fact, germinate.  Placed 60 seeds upon a dampened paper towel in 1 inch apart horizontal and vertical rows, then another paper towel atop.  Once inside the Ziploc, then dampened the second/top paper towel and then repeated this for two nights.  (100 would have potentially been too many too close together and where I wanted to place them in a 1 gallon Ziploc sealable plastic bag, 60 was my numeric!)  On night three (tonight) I opened up and removed the paper towel with seeds and discovered 100% germination.  Placed the paper towel and seeds back in the Ziploc and mist sprayed again and into the dark enclosed space.  Will plant in 3 to 4 rows in the garden tomorrow afternoon as they are winter wheat.  I have never done a seed germination process, so this has been a fun experiment.  Growing winter wheat will also be a new gig and I look forward to perhaps trying two more wheat varieties in the same fashion and in the coming week.