Reply To: Adopt A Grain Project

Randy Olivier

Being new to the field of grains, I decided to take a trip to Belle Valley Ancient Grains just outside of Newell, SD. I had some real estate signs to attend to in the nearby town of Belle Fourche, so I thought I could make it a work trip! If you have not visited a small ancient crop producer, I would strongly encourage it! Brian Stambaugh took me on a personal tour of his (and his wife Linda’s) operation and it was incredible. His passion and knowledge for the organic grains he produces was first class. (Spelt, Emmer, Einkorn, Red Fife, White Sonora and Clark’s Cream)
While I will be baking bread with Einkorn and Red Fife this week (from my grain purchases from Belle Valley), my adopt a grain project will revolve around Clark’s Cream, named after Earl Clark from Kansas. While red wheat is always thought of as the “healthy choice” on the grocer’s shelves, I want to give white bread a good name in our household. Clark’s Cream is a hard…white….wheat! Haha! Kids will love it! And so will mom!