Reply To: PRE-REQ/WK1: Introduce Yourself!

Jen deHaan

Hi everyone!

I am Jen from Errington B.C. in Canada, Komoks, Kwalikum, and Snaw-naw-as territories. I have been a market gardener for a little bit, starting from scratch on this land in late 2017 using no dig stockfree practices from the beginning. I have always lived in the middle of large cities in very different climates without a yard, so moving to 10 acres has been a journey in itself.

I shifted to growing for seed last year, and actively working on expanding our growing space this year. Lots of setbacks, like our heat dome in late June this year. Focus is on open source, landrace, and rare heritage varieties. Very interested in breeding for open source. Just started working on a tomato breeding project this year.

I am very new to grains and grasses. This year I grew Opopeo Amaranth, and I have purple barley for next year. Looking forward to learning lots and meeting all you lovely people in this course!