Reply To: PRE-REQ/WK1: Introduce Yourself!

Pamela Barosso

Hi everyone!

Very nice to meet you all.  My name is Pam Barroso and I hope to grow grains on a vacant lot which is situated on a fairly sunny spot in Pittsburgh, Pa ancestral lands of Seneca, Mohawk, Onondaga, Cayuga, Oneida, Lenape, Shawnee and others.  I have some gardening experience but I am generally a novice and new to growing grains. I have concerns about the shade from a nearby Walnut tree and close by buildings.  I hope to learn if I can be successful (soil test looked good) and will be happy if I can share what I learn with the local community.  I am not sure if I should till or use a no till method and have read that corn and wheat do especially well near walnut trees. I am also interested/considering planting Flax. Looking forward to the class and sharing together.