Reply To: PRE-REQ/WK1: Introduce Yourself!

colleen wimmer

Hi All! My name is colleen, though I go by c. I use they/them pronouns and reside on the lands of the Ute, Cheyenne, Arapaho, Apache, and Oceti Sakowin in so called Longmont, Colorado. I am so grateful to share this virtual learning space and community with you all! I have little to no experience growing grains though have just begun to delve into identifying plant relatives and am so blown away by this earth system. I am fascinated by corn and the process of nixtamilization, which would be so interesting to delve deeper into. I hope to deepen my relationship to grains, support the revitalization of the local grain system, and use my settler privilege to care for the land while working towards Land and Seeds Back to the Indigenous communities that have and currently steward this land. I am white, of Irish descent and am so curious which grains my ancestors had relationships with before processes of colonization and Catholicism introduced the potato… Cant wait to meet everyone, see you all soon!