Reply To: PRE-REQ/WK1: Introduce Yourself!

Beverly Todd

Greetings Seed Peeps!  My name is Beverly Todd and I live in Farmington NM where I garden in the traditional homelands of the Ancestral Puebloan, Navajo and Ute Peoples.  I coordinate a seed saving group we call “San Juan Seed Savers” which hosts seed swaps and has been putting together a seed library which filled email orders through the pandemic, has a small collection available at our new Harvest Food Hub and will soon have a permanent public space at the new San Juan Soil and Water Conservation District building in Aztec NM.  I am  a new-comer to grain planting, trialling 27 varieties of hulless barley this spring.  Barley was my first choice because it grows well here, is easy to prepare and delicious to eat, and because it has the potential to be a larger part of my diet and the diet of others in my community.  I am taking this course to learn more details about barley, to get the big picture on grains in general, and to connect with others on the same journey.  I’m looking forward to getting to know you all!