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Benu Amun-Ra

Ashay Everyone! 🙂

My name is Benu Amun-Ra and I currently live in Aurora, CO. I stand on the lands of the first nations of the Arapaho, Cheyenne, Ute and Lakota Sioux. I have little to no experience growing grains but I love and appreciate this wonderful seed. I am fascinated by grains especially rice because of my Asian lineage, but I am more interested in their historical significance to human relations and with the land. The cultures that grow and depend on them for sustenance and the stories they share about this abundant resource are central to their identity which can be revealed in ceremony and ritual, creating storytellers, the recordkeepers. I love to see the evolution of this relationship over the centuries because I hope to continue expanding my seed knowledge and use this information to teach a younger generation of stewards. Including honoring my ancestors especially my mother, who taught me about food sovereignty. I am very excited for this course and in meeting everyone 🙂 I hope to see some familiar faces. Can’t wait to read everyone’s introductions. Blessings!


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