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Jul 13, 2017

It’s here! Expand your seed knowledge and take action – download the FREE Discussion Guide series for SEED: The Untold Story!

RMSA and Collective Eye Films have teamed up to create a Discussion Guide series to accompany the groundbreaking documentary SEED: The Untold Story. This guide is a downloadable PDF that provides a deep-dive into the issues explored in the film. It is FREE and available to the public. The sections of this guide were created for a facilitator to use after a SEED screening to foster dialogue, delve deeper into the topics in the film, and inspire action. But you can read and use this guide however it suits you best.

The guide is broken up into 5 main segments that can be used on their own, or combined:

  • What to Know About GMOs – addresses all the common questions and myths about GMOs.
  • Biodiversity Loss & Our Seeds – 94% of our vegetable seed diversity has disappeared. How did we get here?
  • S.O.S: Save Our Seeds! – How we can bring back diversity and seed sovereignty
  • Corporate Consolidation of Seeds – The U.S. government used to give away millions of seed packets. Now, just 3 companies control over half of the world’s seeds. How did we get here and what can we do?
  • Pesticide Issues & Impacts – How pesticides, GMOs, and the industrial farming system affect the planet and all the living things that call it home. What can we do to protect ourselves, our families, and our planet?

SEED Discussion Guide Download

Like the film, the guide is definitely not all doom and gloom – each section offers solutions and resources to take action. We hope you enjoy reading, sharing, and spreading the knowledge in this resource!

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