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Donate 2020

Thank you for being such an important member of the RMSA family.

We together as the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance celebrated our 6th anniversary in May.  We are also celebrating the 10th anniversary of the very first Seed School started by Belle Starr and Bill McDorman at their home in 2010.  Our goal has always been simple.  We wanted to find a way for our region to produce and provide its own seeds through community-based seed systems. We thought if we could knit together those who share our vision, we could inspire, educate and network enough new seed savers and producers to make this possible.

In this tumultuous time of climate chaos, strained supply lines, and global instability, growing a garden with the seeds you saved or found locally is more than a fulfilling hobby—it is becoming a necessary act of self-reliance. When entire communities make the effort to preserve their own seed diversity, it protects us all and helps heal the planet in a most profound way. Since 2014, we have made great strides together toward building seed-secure communities in the Mountain West and beyond.

  • Built online web directories where Seed Stewards, Seed Teachers, Grain Trialists, Seed Librarians, and Seed Businesses can find seeds, resources and most importantly each other with the click of a mouse.
  • Recruited 326 Seed Stewards commited to save and share seed from at least one crop.
    Inspired 145 Heritage Grain Trialists to grow, save and share seed for more than 200 varieties of ancient and heritage grains.
  • Graduated 838 Seed School students and 134 Seed Teacher graduates, many of whom have gone on to start seed exchanges, seed libraries, seed workshops and seed schools.
  • Sent representatives to Peliti Seed Festival in Greece, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization in Rome, and taught seed saving in the Philippines for the Global Seed Savers.
  • Visited dozens of communities across the Mountain West (and beyond) to educate, speak, inspire, network and advocate on behalf of saving seeds!
  • Presented workshops at many of the region’s organic farming conferences about organic seed patenting and heritage grain trials.
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We are making an impact together – and our work has never been more important!

Please consider making a donation to RMSA in May for our Spring Campaign. Like a tiny seed, your contribution can make a powerful difference in the lives of generations to come!