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Seed School is a groundbreaking online educational course that will teach you how to create local seed systems rooted in the ancient tradition of seed saving. Practiced by farmers and gardeners for thousands of years, seed saving strengthens food security at the community level, and empowers people to reclaim sovereignty of their food supply. Students walk away from this innovative learning experience with the knowledge and inspiration to start their own independent seed initiatives, such as community seed libraries and exchanges, seed growers cooperatives, heirloom seed businesses, and participatory plant breeding projects.

Broken down into 8 Modules that will take about 1 hour each:
1. Biology/Seed Structure
2. Seed Selection and Genetics
3. Pollination and Breeding Systems
4. Seed Industry History and Patenting
5. Seed Enterprises
6. Wild Seed
7. Harvesting, Cleaning, Storing
8. Dispelling the Myths of Seed Saving

Seed School 101 offers a comprehensive yet accessible overview of the history, science, business, and craft of seeds. Appropriate for adults and teens at all skill levels, this course is for anyone interested in turning the tide on the industrialization of our food system. The program allows you to work at your own pace and will be updated with new information and content as we learn more.