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To inspire a revival of regional grain systems, Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance has collaborated with researchers, educators, grain hobbyists, and farmers to create a powerful educational course! Adapted from our well-known and established Grain School Online, Grain School 101 is a comprehensive, self-guided education program bound to challenge the current industrial food paradigm and empower you to get involved in your regional grain system.

Grain School 101 is broken up into 8 Lessons, each one complete with a video lesson and supporting resources. Each lesson will take about 2 hours.

1. Why Heritage Grains?
with Bill McDorman

2. Growing Heritage and Ancient Grains
with Ron Boyd and Evan Sofro

3. The Journey of Landrace Grains/Finding Your Grain
with Eli Rogosa and Sylvia Davatz

4. Grain Research and Breeding
with Emily Lockard from SWCRC and Richard Pratt

5. Heritage Grains Trials Project: Climate + Grains
with Lee-Ann Hill from Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance and Christine Salem and Diane Pratt from Rio Grande Grain

6. Alternative and Perennial Grains
with Lee Dehaan from the Land Institute

7. Revitalizing and Regionalizing the Grain Economy
with Michelle Ajamian from Rural Action and Shagbark Seed & Mill, and Dana and Chris from Mountain Oven Bakery

8. Keynote from Glenn Roberts

Facilitated by RMSA’s Bill McDorman and Lee-Ann Hill, the course has included many special guests and experts leading the local grain movement. Appropriate for adults and teens at all skill levels. The autonomous course allows you to work at your own pace with plenty of resources, readings, and videos to compliment each guest’s lecture.


We sincerely appreciate your connection and commitment to the heritage grain movement – Thank You!