• SnakeRiverFirst, expand your seed saving knowledge and skills at an inspiring two-day online Seed & Grain Experience on May 1st and 2nd.

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    Then join us for our original six-day full Seed & Grain Experienceback at the Miracle Mile in Idaho with geothermal hot springs, October 11 - 16, 2020. 

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    Just added to the teacher's list: Joseph Lofthouse!

    Owls Nest AirBnB
    4799 A River Road
    Buhl, ID
    October 11 – 16, 2020

    Presented by Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance (RMSA) and Snake River Earth Arts (SREA). 

    With the uncertainty happening across the globe, we will be postponing the six-day live version Seed and Grain Experience until the first week of October. Even with this delay, the critical need to maintain food security is of paramount importance. We will be offering a compressed version of SAGE completely online on May 1st and May 2nd. Please stay tuned for details about the mini-Experience and see how you can participate and deepen your connection to seeds and grains.

    Our 5-day Seed and Grain Experience is designed to be an immersive experience physically, spiritually and intellectually. We hope that you will be able to join us in the fall in beautiful Buhl, Idaho where we will soak in the geothermal hot springs and in knowledge of seeds and grains.

    We thank you for your patience, flexibility, and commitment to furthering your connection to seeds and grains.

    With more than 1,100 graduates around the world, RMSA’s Seed School is a pioneering course helping shape the local seed and food movements far and wide. 

    Seed and Grain Experience in October will find us back in the Miracle Mile in Idaho where geothermal hot springs are plentiful. The training is being hosted at the Owl’s Nest, in Buhl, Idaho, a 7,000 square foot home that has been converted into an Air BnB and retreat facility with hot springs and a geothermal pool. The week will be structured as a retreat where we soak in: knowledge, good meals prepared together, and private thermal pools.

    Across the street from the classroom and next to the Snake River, are RMSA’s grain trial plots with examples of various strategies for grain production and demonstrations of how to scale up production. Adjacent to the Owls Nest is a geothermal greenhouse operation that provides ample produce for a bioregional CSA and our week-long training.

    Those from underserved areas are encouraged to apply for our scholarships to offset tuition.


    This Seed workshop will include our basic seed citizen training and two specific tracks so students can deepen their education in specific components.  Tracks include ancient & heritage grains and basic seed saving techniques.  Ancient and heritage grains have been planted for your inspection and will be served and eaten en masse!

    You will learn how to grow, harvest, process, and cook with these delicious and healthy grains.

    Three organic meals will be served and students will share in preparing one evening meal during their stay.

    Tent camping will be available at Banbury Hot Springs, 1.5 miles away, and includes access to its own hot springs pools.  Reserve directly with Banbury.

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    A Note on Cultural Considerations at RMSA Seed Schools and Events:We strive to be culturally sensitive and foster safe, inclusive spaces at our Seed Schools and special events. Please visit our About Seed School page for our guidelines of conduct and more details on RMSA's commitment to diversity, inclusion, and anti-oppressive practices.


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  • Around the world, communities are rallying together to build a more sovereign and secure food system rooted in local seeds. As this movement expands, there is a growing need for educational opportunities that train people to create regional seed solutions where they live and support a truly sustainable agriculture.

    Seed School in a Day answers this need with a powerful, one-day workshop aimed at shifting the seed paradigm back into the hands of our communities. The program is a condensed version of Seed School, the acclaimed six-day course that has graduated more than 500 students and launched dozens of inspiring local projects worldwide. Created by longtime seed educators Bill McDorman and Belle Starr, the course draws upon 30 years of expertise in seed cultivation, harvesting, cleaning, marketing and distribution.

    Following the successes of more than 25 Seed School courses, Seed School in a Day offers a comprehensive overview of seed knowledge available nowhere else. The program covers a wide range of topics spanning the history, science, business, and craft of seeds. Practical, hands-on activities are balanced with engaging lectures to provide a fun and interactive learning experience. Adult and teen participants of all skill levels and backgrounds are welcome to participate in this challenging yet accessible workshop.

    Our lead instructors, Bill McDorman and Belle Starr, are co-founders of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance, former co-directors of the seed conservation group Native Seeds/SEARCH, and passionate seed educators. Special guest instructors may also be present. See individual workshop listings for more details.

    Interest in Seed School In A Day is growing rapidly. If you would like to help sponsor a Seed School In A Day in your community, or have any other questions, send an email to Belle Starr (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

  • SnakeRiver

    Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance is working within the new normal of physical isolation and striving to continue the joy and camaraderie that is our exceptional seed community. For the next month (or more, depending on interest), we will be hosting a FREE weekly event on Zoom where RMSA staff and special guests will discuss anything seed and grain related. We hope you join us this week, on Thursday, March 26th, at 5 pm PST for our first-ever Seed Social. We'll have a lively conversation with Bill and other special guests on the following....

    Upcoming Topics:

    March 26th: The Importance of Seeds
    April 2nd: Playful Plant Breeding
    April 9th: Seed Starting
    April 16th: Seed School Graduate Projects
    April 23rd: Seed Libraries During Isolation
    April 30th: the Spirit of Seeds & Grains


    *Seed & Grain School Graduates: share with us your current efforts! If you have a topic you can discuss, let us know. 

    We are offering these light-hearted events to continue the connections in our seed-loving community.   

    Please email jackee (at) for questions or save this link for access to the Zoom Seed Social.

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    A Note on Cultural Considerations at RMSA Seed Schools and Events:We strive to be culturally sensitive and foster safe, inclusive spaces at our Seed Schools and special events. Please visit our About Seed School page for our guidelines of conduct and more details on RMSA's commitment to diversity, inclusion, and anti-oppressive practices.



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