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Good morning!

A reminder cohort discussion groups are meeting today. Casey's is at 7 am PDT/8 am MDT and Don's will be at 1 pm PDT/2 pm MDT. The link is the same as all courses:

Next week Bill won't be having office hours.


Here are the links to yesterday's lecture. 

(1) Check-in and Opening

(2) Intro to Pollination and Breeding

(3) Advanced Seed Saving: Larger Populations, Steve Peters

(4) Break Questions

(5) Heirloom Tomato Breeding Project, Steve Peters

(6) Questions for Steve Peters


Here is this week's homework:

(1) After hearing Steve Peter's lectures, rethink your journaling on what type of seed might you breed? What characters would you select for in your region, climate, and for your practices? What cultural and community considerations do you have in this (hypothetical or otherwise) project?

(2) In preparation for Evan's talk next week and if you have them, bring seeds needing cleaned for hands-on experience. Feel free to try them on your before too!




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