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Hello everyone. 

Wow, 2 hours sure flies by.  Thank you for your patience while we sort out this new online format for Seed School.  It is indeed a speed seed course!  Having the extra time after class for the tomato cleaning activity and discussion was really nice, and perhaps a format we will continue as needed for the weekly activity so that we can focus on content and questions during our precious 2-hours together.  And the cohorts will also offer more discussion time, so please join them if you can (more info on that below).

Following is info from today's course and prep for the next one.  I'm offering repeat instructions here for those who started the class this week.  As always, please don't hesitate to reach out with questions, and thanks for joining us in this course.


Cohorts begin TOMORROW (Thursday).  The intention of the cohorts is to offer a space for students to join together collectively with an advisor or mentor to explore topics and ask questions.  Most of you identified your cohort at the time of registration, though perhaps prior to the times being posted.  If you need to change cohorts because of time considerations, please feel free, however once you join your cohort, we would encourage you to stay with that cohort throughout the course as this will help establish a deeper experience together.  Following are the times, and the link is our course link:

Today's Recordings

1) Introduction -

2) Seed Bowl Identification -

3) Basic Seed Saving: Selfers -

4) Basic Seed Saving - Terms -

5) Incorporating Seed Saving into your Farm, Casey O'leary -


Read in Basic Seed Saving (link sent in previous email and pdf is in Google Drive): 

Hands-On Activities

Next week we will do germination tests.  Please gather 100 seeds that you would like to test for germination.  If you don't have anything in mind, you could use "culinary" grains or beans.  Also bring a paper towel, sharpie/permanent marker, spray bottle and ziploc bag.

Office Hours  (please note corrected times and link!)
Bill is offering office hours on Tuesdays from 2-3 pm AZ/Pacific, 3-4 pm Mountain Time.  Other staff may also be present as we use this time for course development. You may join us with seed saving questions, course questions, etc. at:

Google Drive

Resources, including a bibliography and online resources, are in the Google Drive Student file.  We will highlight sources in the bibliography that are mentioned in class.  PowerPoint presentations will also be added in this file.

Student Resources Page on the RMSA Site

Our Student Resources Page is up and running!  It is also a place to find recordings, PowerPoint presentations, and other class resources.  To access the resources, you will need to login at the Student Resources web page.  If you don't know or have a password, you can click on "reset password" and the next screen will ask for your username or email.  Just use your email.  You will receive an email from Wordpress that will allow you to create a new password.  You can delete the suggested password and create your own.  You will then be asked to login with the new password. 

When you log in the first time, you may  be directed to a profile page where you can update your profile.  This page looks like an admin page, but it is really your profile page.  You can return to the RMSA homepage via the link in the upper left or paste the member resources link into the address bar:

If you have difficulties, please reach out to Bill directly at and he can help you.


Please reach out to RMSA staff with questions, concerns, feedback, etc.  And please do let us know if you have any special needs or would like assistance with Zoom technology, etc.  We are here, at your service:; 970-560-5486

We also want to ensure an inclusive and safe space, and we welcome honest communication.  If you are uncomfortable approaching staff directly, Joseluis has offered to be an intermediary. He can be reached at:

Thank you for joining us and joining the seed saving movement.

Together for seeds,

Lee-Ann and the RMSA Team

Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance
PO BOX 405
Mancos, CO 81328
United States

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