Become a Seed Steward

Seed Steward Application 70

Thank you for your interest in becoming a RMSA Seed Steward! Your participation inseedsteward this program is an essential part of our mission to connect communities in the Rocky Mountain West with the seeds that sustain them.

Please fill out the Seed Steward application form below in its entirety and click “Save” at the bottom to submit. This will automatically make you a RMSA member if you have not already joined.  In this way, we can keep you up to date with important announcements in our emerging seed movement.

You will be asked to select the Seed Stewards level that best applies to your experience and interests as a seed saver. For your reference, please review the following descriptive profiles of the four Seed Steward levels. Keep in mind that these descriptions are not meant to be definitive requirements, but are provided as a general example of what a Seed Steward may look like at different levels of experience.

Level I – Novice

I am a first-year beginner with little to no experience in gardening, seed saving or wildcrafting, but with a strong passion to learn and begin practicing these skills. I am committed to stewarding at least one seed variety in the upcoming growing season. I would like to learn more about seed libraries and other ways I can share seeds in my community.

Level II – Advanced Beginner

I have some experience with gardening, seed saving and wildcrafting at a basic level. I am committed to stewarding two or more seed varieties in the upcoming growing season. I have a strong interest in joining my local seed library or participating in other seed sharing opportunities.

Level III – Proficient

I have several years of gardening, seed saving, and wildcrafting experience at a moderate degree of proficiency. I have had success in saving seed from medium-difficulty plants such as insect-pollinated and moderately outcrossing species. In the upcoming growing season, I am committed to stewarding three or more seed varieties. I am currently a member of my local seed library and am actively growing and sharing seeds in my community.

Level IV – Expert

I am an expert seed saver with many years of experience at a high degree of proficiency. I have a deep understanding of seed saving concepts and am skilled in saving seed from advanced-difficulty plants such as biennials and highly outcrossing species. I am committed to stewarding three or more seed varieties in the upcoming growing season. I feel capable of starting a seed library or other seed sharing model in my community, and I would like to learn about how I can become a Seed School teacher. 

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If you have any questions or experience technical difficulties with this application, please contact Thank you for your important contribution to creating a more resilient Rocky Mountain region!



Indicate your current seed saving experience level by selecting one of the following categories, as described above:


I will share my seeds with other seed stewards.



Seed Steward Directory

Confirm your permission to be listed in the searchable Seed Steward Directory on the RMSA website. This resource allows us all to connect with the rediscovered varieties adapted to our region and the Seed Stewards who grow them.



Seed Steward Pledge

  • I agree to grow (or wildcraft) and save seeds from at least one cultivar or tree variety and share these seeds with my community.
  • I agree to follow, to the best of my abilities, organic principles and “best practices” to maintain seed quality for the variety(s) I grow.
  • I agree to include relevant and accurate labeling information for all the seeds that I share.
  • I agree not to purchase, sell, or share knowingly, genetically engineered (GMO) or patented seeds or plants.

By clicking “Yes” you indicate that you have read, understand, and intend to abide by the agreements included in the Seed Stewards Pledge above.



Which seed crops command your attention?

List all the seed crops you grow or wildcraft, separated by commas, i.e. beets, carrots, tepary beans, osha, etc. These will be searchable in our Seed Steward Directory so you can connect with those living near you growing or wildcrafting the same crops.


Main Variety I Steward (Required)

This is the name of the variety I promise to grow the seeds for and share with other Seed Stewards as a requirement for joining RMSA's Seed Stewards.


Additional Varieties I Steward

List the names of other varieties I steward. Separate names with a comma. They will be searchable in the Seed Steward Directory.


Are you a commercial seed grower/retailer/broker or professional seed researcher/educator?


If you answered “Yes” to the question above, please answer the following question.

Describe your work.

Describe your seed enterprise, its size/scale and your target market. If you are an educator or researcher, tell us a little about your work.

(If you want your seed business listed in our searchable directory, enter your business contact information here under Resources menu item Seed Business.)

Click Save to submit your application.


Please consider making a donation to help us underwrite other Seed Stewards to join us and provide them with a host of benefits to inspire their participation.