Milling & Baking Bonanza

Live, online event on November 19th @ 8:45am-3pm MT.



Our one of a kind Baking Bonanza will be just what you need as you prepare for the holidays and this iconic baking season.  Join us for a full-day of live demonstrations that will leave you inspired to bring whole grains into your kitchen. With heritage grain bakers, researchers, and enthusiasts sharing their wisdom from working with ancient grains, this will be an inspirationally mouth-watering event!

$40 for live session + lifetime access to recordings

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We are honored to collaborate with the following:

Flordemayo from the Seed Temple for opening Prayer

Paul Labeau of Mockmill for a Milling Demo

Monica Spiller of Whole Grain Connection on Nutritional Qualities of Whole Grains

Don Guerra from Barrio Bread for a Bread Demo

our very own Bill McDorman for a virtual Pizza break

Wendy Achatz from Achatz Handmade Pies for a Whole Wheat Pie Crust Demo

& grainiac Steve Alston on Sourdough Bread

as they lend their expertise during the RMSA Baking Bonanza.

Created by former Grain School student and RMSA videographer Oakley Moore-Anderson of Little Sure Shot Films, Oakley’s work brilliantly captures the essence of RMSA’s programs. Special thanks to the Kalliopeia Foundation for underwriting these video efforts.