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Grain School will return to the UCCS campus January 18 - 20, 2019. Check back in late fall for registration!

Join us for a three-day exploration into the world of heritage grains. You'll learn techniques for growing and harvesting grains—and of course, delicious ways to eat them!

Locally grown and milled grains are the missing component in many regional food systems. To inspire a revival of localized grain systems across the Rocky Mountain West, RMSA has teamed up with the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) for a powerful educational course that aims to change this paradigm. Grain School trains and empowers people to once again grow, mill, and steward heritage grains in their communities.

The innovative curriculum covers a range of topics including the history of land-race grains, crop breeding, nutritional and health issues, baking and fermentation, and small-scale production techniques. Facilitated by RMSA's Bill McDorman alongside UCCS faculty, the course includes special guests and experts in local grain farming, milling, and baking.

Guest presenters for Grain School 2018:

Don Guerra – Barrio Bread (Tucson, AZ)
Demetria Stephens –  Stephens Land and Cattle, Turkey Red Wheat, (KS)
Jade Koyle – Ancient Grains, Einkorn (Teton, ID)
Jeff Zimmerman – Hayden Flour Mills (Tempe, AZ)
Stephen Jones – The Bread Lab (Washington State University)

This course is open to both the general public and UCCS students for college credit. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any inquiries.

Download the Grain School 2018 flyer here.

Download Grain School 2018 schedule here.

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Sample Grain School Schedule and Syllabus

sorghumDay 1 (at UCCS Farmhouse & in classrooms)

9:00 am: Coffee, tea and grainy goodies
Seeds & grains: From global issues to local solutions
Grain literacy
Grains around the world

12:30 pm: Lunch

Breeding systems of grains
Botany and pollination of grains
Ancient wheat (Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt and others)
Nutritional & health issues of modern grains
Gluten, glyphosate, and GMOs

Break: Grain tasting 1 – Heritage and ancient wheat

amaranthHistory of grains in Colorado
Small scale grain production, co-ops, trialing, adaptation

5:15 – 5:30 pm: Wrap-up Day 1

Day 2 (at UCCS Farmhouse & various kitchens/bakeries))

9:00 am: Coffee, tea and grainy goodies
Cereal and Pseudo-Grains: Amaranth, Millet, Buckwheat, and Quinoa
Growing, harvesting, cooking pseudo-grains (cooking and tasting)
Nutritional benefits of cereal and pseudo-grains
Gluten-free eating
Producer/consumer discussion

quinoaFarmhouse activities (as space allows)
Includes identification of various grains in the field, harvesting, threshing, winnowing, milling

12:30 pm: Lunch

Kitchen & bakery work
UCCS Teaching Kitchen & Roaring Fork kitchens, Tandoor oven, pizza stone, etc; Cooking, baking, sprouting, pasta making

5:30 pm: Wrap-up Day 2

Day 3 (at UCCS Farmhouse and Roaring Fork)

9:00 am: Coffee, tea and grainy goodies
Sourcing and milling grains
Fermenting and Baking with heritage grains

12:30 pm: Lunch (featuring fresh bread, farm salads and Colorado artisan cheese)

Marketing and education: the roles of business and health professionals
Brewing with grains with local brewers from Colorado (Happy hour)

5:00 pm: Wrap-up and Outlook


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