Annual Report 2019

2019 was a break-through year for The Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance.  It celebrated the year in February with seed stewards from all over the planet at the 2nd Mountain West Seed Summit, Reunion of the Radicles.  

About the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance

Locally produced seeds yield hardier, more delicious crops. When seeds are grown, saved, and replanted in a particular location year after year, remarkable adaptations develop. Growers can select and save seeds from standout specimens with traits like resistances to pests and diseases, brighter colors, and tastier flavors. In essence, they are carrying the best from one growing season into the next. This is how our ancestors farmed sustainably for over 10,000 years – and it’s the only way to recreate such a system today.

Fortunately, people everywhere are waking up to the vital importance of seeds for our future. A seed saving movement is growing around the world and reviving this ancient practice in our modern lives. But this global phenomenon requires local action. Each region must rise to the challenge and collect, preserve, and share its own unique collection of seeds.

Here in the Rocky Mountain West, we have heard the call and we are banding together. We envision a resilient Rocky Mountain region where the health of our communities and environments are supported by diverse and abundant supplies of locally grown seeds. The Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance is working to create a network of seed growers, distributors, educators, and resources in our region. Our goal is to inventory the seed diversity we have, find out what we need, identify growers and stewards to conserve this diversity, and then save a backup copy of everything we find.

This is where you come in. Whether you are an expert seed saver or just a passionate believer, we need your help to create this network.

Whether you are an expert seed saver or just a passionate believer, we need your help to create this network.

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