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Simple enough for amatuers, detailed enough for professionals…

The Rocky Mountain Heritage Grain Trials program has a simple yet huge mission:  finding the best heritage and ancient grain varieties for each location in our region.   In order to do this we have learned to engage a network of farmers and gardeners, experienced or new, large scale or tiny.  If you are new to our program and helping us increase seed quantities, please use the form below.  It was designed to be simple enough to actually be used to gather the minimum information needed by those growing larger plots.



2022-01-19 12:58:08

Basic Crop Information

(The custom is to return at least twice as many seeds as you received. This simple act insures the network will expand to new growers.)
Our network will be strongest if everyone accepts the individual responsibility to steward and share seeds for at least one variety.

Fill In Information Below Where You Can