About Grain School

Grain School explores the world of ancient and heritage grains. Learn techniques for growing, breeding, harvesting, and eating grains, as well as the history and culture of grain cultivation.

Locally grown and milled grains are the missing component in many regional food systems. To inspire a revival of localized grain systems across the Rocky Mountain West, RMSA has helped create through trial and error a powerful educational course that aims to change this paradigm. Grain School trains and empowers communities to once again grow, harvest, mill, and consume their own adapted heritage grains.

The innovative curriculum covers a range of topics including the history and biology of land-race grains, crop breeding, nutritional and health issues, baking and fermentation, and small-scale production techniques. Facilitated by RMSA’s Bill McDorman and Lee-Ann Hill, the course has included many special guests and experts from around the country leading the local grain movement.

Email admin@rockymountainseeds.org with any inquiries.

Past Grain Schools have been held online, in Tucson, AZ, Colorado Springs, CO, Norwood, CO, Albuquerque, NM, and Cottonwood, AZ. Send an email to RMSA at (admin@rockymountainseeds.org) if you are interested in creating a grain school in your community!

Our Grain Schools aim to inspire a revival of localized grain systems across the Rocky Mountain West. Many thanks to Oakley Anderson-Moore of Little Sure Shot Films for this look inside.

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Einkorn, Emmer, Khorasan, Durum, White Sonoran…have you heard of these grains before? These are just a small sample of ancient grains you will learn about at Grain School.

If you would like to bring Grain School to your community, send an email to Jackee at (jackee@rockymountainseeds.org).