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Dear ,

Like so many, we at Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance are deeply devastated by the current and historical treatment of our sisters and brothers in humanity. While we are in the midst of our spring campaign, we would like to take a pause and acknowledge the deep-seeded impacts of racism. Together, we must stand and combat the racial inequalities pervading this country for far too long.

Compounded by the pandemic, the “struggle to breathe” is hitting black communities and all communities of color the hardest. In lieu of an appeal for donations to our work at this time, we ask that you consider giving to the efforts of others to assist people impacted by racism, racial trauma, and/or those being gravely affected by COVID-19.

Please take part in this critical moment in history by becoming more informed and involved. Join your voices with those who are long overdue to be heard and supported. Here are some websites where you can donate or learn more:

Books to help raise awareness and understanding on the impacts of racism and colonialism:

We have more to learn, and more work to do. By educating ourselves, listening, speaking in solidarity, and lifting up muted voices, we will work to eradicate oppression and violence against people of color and indigenous people. We need to start within our own, local circles of influence, and we need to start now.

As a seed conservation organization, we understand how the inaccessibility of seeds has played a role in controlling marginalized peoples with food insecurity, particularly through colonizing the diets of traditional communities. We will continue our work to address this injustice through seed saving offerings and by providing educational resources freely. Please contact us if you're interested in being involved with developing a Seed Equity Toolkit, if you would like free access to our online programming, or are in need of financial assistance to participate in our courses.

Thank you for your part in this movement to end racism.


In this together,

RMSA Staff

Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance
PO BOX 596
9255 E Loy Ln
Cornville, AZ 86325
United States

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