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eNewsletter for March 15, 2018

RMSA Receives Western SARE Grant
grainschoolWe received some exciting news last week! The Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance has been awarded a sizeable grant from the Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program (WSARE), a U.S. Department of Agriculture initiative that focuses on advancing profitable, environmentally sound farming systems in the West.
Competition is always stiff for WSARE grants, so it is a great honor and thrill to be selected as a recipient. With this funding, RMSA will develop a Seed School Teacher Training for Farmers program that will train agriculture professionals (like county extension agents) in farmer-focused seed education. These newly trained seed teachers will then bring this knowledge to local farmers where they live.
Our goal with this program is to encourage hundreds more small farmers in our region to start saving their own seeds and creating new diversity. This grant award is momentous—both for RMSA and the local seed movement. It’s an exciting signal that awareness is growing around the importance of locally saved and grown seeds for healthy food systems. As a loyal Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance supporter, you are a huge part of this effort and its successes—so thank you!
Seeds of Grange
While the hunt continues for a permanent facility to house our region’s seeds, RMSA has identified a location to begin storing seed samples. We will be working in partnership with the Wood River Seed Library (founded by RMSA co-founder John Caccia) to create a locked storage area for our seeds at the Upper Big Wood River Grange Hall in Hailey, Idaho.
All seed accessions will be packaged separately and kept in a cooler to preserve viability. We encourage all seed savers and community seed libraries to include samples of their local seed varieties in this collection as a safety backup supply. Contact John Caccia at for more information. 
Grange Halls are everywhere in the Mountain West. Is there a possibility for other partnerships throughout our region for valuable seed storage? We'd love to help.
Big thanks to everyone at the Upper Big Wood River Grange for generously offering up this space. Thanks are also due to Manon Gaudreau, a passionate seed lover who worked with the Grange Hall to make this arrangement possible!
Seed Schools Abound!
We’re breezing through 2018 and spring is on the horizon—as well as a fresh crop of Seed Schools! Ramp up your seed knowledge or kick-start a new seed project with one of our acclaimed courses.
Take your pick from a week-long residential Seed School, a special teacher training, or one-day immersions. And be on the lookout for our WSARE-funded Seed School Teacher Training for Farmers this fall.
Seed Stewards are Seed Heroes
comicWe’re looking for more valiant Seed Stewards to step up in the burgeoning local seed movement! RMSA’s Seed Stewards program engages grassroots leaders in their communities as seed mentors and "keystone" seed savers.
You’ll receive technical support and perks for signing up in exchange for your commitment to stewarding unique seed varieties and serving as a local seed saving resource. If you are passionate about seeds and committed to preserving and sharing seed diversity, we would love to count you among our ranks of 225 (and growing) Seed Stewards!
Learn more and sign up here. Be a seed superhero and help keep these ancient traditions and seeds alive and thriving!
Get in on the Grains
Interested in getting involved in RMSA’s Heritage Grain Trials project? Now’s the time! We are currently soliciting new grain trial participants to grow out rare, regionally adapted grain varieties this season in their fields or backyard plots.
Whether you are a gardener or farmer, you can help create a local grain revival in the Mountain West. The Rocky Mountain Heritage Grain Trials Project aims to revive the production, use, and cultural experience of locally grown heritage grains in our region's communities.
Our ultimate goal is to create a vibrant system of farmers, millers, bakers, and brewers throughout the Mountain West who can give new life to ancient grain varieties and ensure this diversity is preserved and enjoyed for generations to come. Join us in this fun, inspiring, and delicious work!
Your Spare Change Can Make Change

caringCaringCent is an innovative charitable platform that allows you to easily support the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance each time you use your credit card. When you sign up for this free service, CaringCent will automatically round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and send this money to RMSA. 

The CaringCent website keeps track of your donations for tax purposes. This way, you can use that spare “change” to make change in the world!

Learn more about CaringCent and sign up here.

Grow Your Seed Skills in the Fieldintern

Our friends at Meadowlark Hearth Living Environment Foundation have an amazing seed internship opportunity on their farm in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

Interns will learn seed harvesting, cleaning, and distribution techniques on a 500-acre organic and biodynamic CSA farm. The positions run from September to December, 2018.

Click here to learn more and apply.

Stay Connected with RMSAheart_of_idaho

For questions regarding seed saving and current seed news, contact Bill McDorman:

For questions about seed vaulting or seed libraries, contact John Caccia:

For general inquiries, contact Belle Starr:

For questions about the Seed Stewards program contact Lee-Ann Hill:

928-300-7989 |

Stay up to date with current seed news by checking in regularly with the RMSA Facebook page.
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