Monthly Seed Social

Monthly Social with Staff and a Special Guest!

Milling and Baking Bonanza

Watch 8 Culinary Demonstrations Highlighting Ancient and Heritage Grains!

A Note on Cultural Considerations at RMSA:  We strive to be culturally sensitive and foster safe, inclusive spaces in our organization and at our Seed Schools and special events. Please visit our Seed School details page for our guidelines of conduct and more details on RMSA’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and anti-oppressive practices.


For the first time, you can now order and download a pdf copy of Joseph Lofthouse’s ground breaking new book, Landrace Gardening.  Show your true colors and support your favorite non-profit at the same time. Check out our inventory of books, t-shirts, trucker hats and beanies available online for the first time.

Search Our Directories

Connect with the seed resources you need. We now offer directories and maps to seed sources, seed libraries, seed teachers, heritage grain trials, and seed stewards living near you.

 – Our Programs and Seed Schools –


Seed School 101

For the first time, 18 of our acclaimed Seed School teaching modules have been assembled into a streaming online course to bring you up to speed in the world of seed saving.  $40.00

Seed Stewards

Grow, save and share your seeds! – Become a Seed Steward!

Rocky Mountain Heritage Grain Trials Project

Help us trial and grow heritage grains to rekindle a thriving, localized grain economy in the Rocky Mountain West.

Monthly Online Seed Socials

Join us on Zoom for lively conversations and in-depth interviews with our Seed Elders.


Specialty Grain Seeds!

Volunteers in our Heritage Grain Trials Program are now growing and gathering data for more than 200 heritage and ancient grains. Small seed packets of the most successful are now available.

Seed Patenting

We believe that the rapid increase in utility patents on organic seeds especially poses a risk to our ability to save and share our own seeds.

Join One Million Seed Savers

A Million Seed Savers

We believe that together we can create enough locally adapted diversity in our food system to weather the coming storms.

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Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening seed and food security in our region.

Our mission is to assure a diverse and abundant supply of locally grown seeds for the Rocky Mountain West through networking, education and helping establish community-based models of seed stewardship.